Operations at NMIA returning to normal following delay in restoration of power to the airport systems

The operator of the Norman Manley International Airport, NMIA in Kingston, PAC Kingston Airport Limited (PACKAL), says operations are returning to normal, following a delay in restoration of power to the airport systems.


The situation sparked concern among members of the public and passengers as persons were not allowed onto the airport compound.


PACKAL explains that it had a scheduled maintenance operation at NMIA which began 9 last evening and should have ended at 3 this morning.


This was to address an identified concern with one of the main switch gears, that is central to the airport’s power distribution system.


PACKAL in a statement explains, that the switch gears are routinely serviced at set intervals and servicing generally goes off without any significant challenge.


This type of servicing is planned well in advance, because it requires a full shut down of all power systems including standby generating systems, flight information systems and requires coordination with airlines, and other airport stakeholders including the Jamaica Constabulary Force, the Jamaica Public Service company and the specialist electrical engineers who uundertake maintenance activities and/or repairs which may be needed to the switches.


PACKAL says the regulator, the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority was informed and gave its non-objection.


The airport community was advised last Friday about the planned power shut down.


The operator explains that due to a delay experienced in restoring power to a critical piece of equipment, power distribution to airport systems was delayed and commenced at 6:10 this morning.


Chief Executive Officer of PACKAL Fernando Vistrain Lorence explains that the delay impacted flight operations on Friday morning.


In order to ensure passenger safety and manage the traffic flow within the confines of the airport, the JCF held vehicles which were approaching the airport prior to the restoration of power.


This resulted in some traffic congestion on the Palisadoes main road.



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