Only 44lbs of cannabis imported from Canada- Hill

The government has shed more light on the importation of cannabis from Canada.


This following concerns by various segments of the society about the move given that the country is still working to build out its own cannabis industry.


Speaking at a press conference in Kingston today, Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Aubyn Hill said the license granted for cannabis to be imported was forĀ  44 pounds.


He added that this was for a strain which is not grown in Jamaica.


Mr. Hill said the import license was granted to Cannaviva Jamaica Limited.


The minister also dismissed claims that his son is involved in the cannabis industry.


Mr. Hill said he plans to discuss matters related to cannabis during a trade mission, which is being planned to Canada for May.

Meantime PNP President Mark Golding says it’s wrong for the country to import cannabis and called on the government to make the necessary changes, to end this.


According to him it was never envisaged that ganja would be imported.


Mr. Golding says the local industry needs the proper environment to flourish.


The PNP President who was addressing supporters at the demonstration in Cross Roads, St. Andrew today, highlighted other issues affecting the country, including cost of living.


Meanwhile other protestors called for a change in government, highlighting the hardships being faced by public sector workers.




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