OEC strengthens partnership with education ministry to prevent CXC exam paper leak

The Overseas Examinations Commission, (OEC) says it has strengthened its partnership with the Ministry of Education in the implementation of improved strategies to maintain order and credibility in the administration of the 2024 May/June, Caribbean Examinations Council, (CXC) exams.

This assurance comes after 2 educators were removed from their posts at the Steer Town Academy in St. Ann following a hearing, in relation, to CXC papers which were leaked at the academy during May to June 2022.

Those removed are the school’s principal Sharn Mangol and an exam coordinator.

Another teacher who was implicated in the fraud is to be demoted.

It’s reported that the Personnel Committee of the Steer Town Academy Board of Management had a hearing into allegations of examination papers being leaked to some candidates and made a ruling on Wednesday.

Allegations are that some candidates had access to the question papers and were allegedly coached by their teachers before they sat the examinations.

Following reports of the fraud, the OEC conducted an investigation into the matter and recommended disciplinary action.

The Education Ministry was also notified of the irregularity.

The three educators were accused of failing to store the June 2022 examination papers in the fireproof cabinet supplied to the school by the Overseas Examination Council.

The educators were served between March 7 and 12 with documents outlining the charges.

In a statement on Wednesday, the OEC said while it will not comment on the incident at this time, it wishes to reiterate and make very clear the expectations for the security of the management of examination materials in institutions.

The OEC said it remains steadfast in upholding a culture of integrity and trust.

It added that it remains dedicated to administering examinations under conditions that are not only fair and safe but also transparent and equitable for all stakeholders involved.


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