NWC to undertake urgent replacement of collapsed sewage mains in Downtown Kingston


The National Water Commission, NWC has been instructed to undertake an urgent replacement of the collapsed sewage mains in Downtown Kingston, at a cost of approximately 170 million dollars.


Water Minister Matthew Samuda made the announcement yesterday, during a visit to the affected areas.


He said emergency works have started.


The minister outlined that the aged asbestos pipes which form a part of the NWC’s system, have outlived their usefulness.


He said this could lead to dire public health issues.


Minister Samuda said he briefed Prime Minister Andrew Holness and he instructed that action be taken to alleviate the discomfort and unsanitary situation being experienced in the area.


Meantime, another 37-million-dollar investment to be made into new pumps at the darling street lift station, which are being installed within 7 days, is expected to improve significantly the situation in the market district.


Mr. Samuda explained the works to be undertaken.



Remediation works will also be done along several streets.


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