NRSC urges motorists to use roadways with caution, after 6 people killed in crashes within past 24 hours

The National Road Safety Council is again appealing for motorists to use the roadways with caution, and do their best to avoid crashes.

Vice Chairman Dr. Lucien Jones pointed to the fatal accidents which occurred between yesterday and today, resulting in at least 5 more deaths.

The deaths bring the tally so far to 390.

Dr. Jones reiterated the need for an efficient ticketing system that will help curb bad driving.

Among those killed in recent crashes are Nigel Gayle, an equipment operator of Orange Hill, Browns Town, in St. Ann.

Gayle was killed in a 4-vehicle collision, along the discovery bay main road in the parish.

And, 3 unidentified persons, who were killed in a two-vehicle crash along the Melrose Hill Bypass, in Manchester.

15 other persons have been hospitalized following that incident.


Meantime, two people were killed in a collision in Little London, Westmoreland, earlier today (November 4).

Their identities have not yet been released.

The Westmoreland police said the incident involved a motorcycle and a motor truck.

The driver and pillion on the motorcycle sustained injuries and later succumbed.

Investigations continue.


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