North West Manchester MP renews call for Troy bridge to be fixed

Member of Parliament for North West Manchester Mikael Phillips has again called for immediate work to be done to fix the bridge at Troy.

The issue has been a sore point for months, with residents risking life and limb to cross the deep ravine and river below on a make-shift plank.

In his contribution to the state of the constituency debate in the Lower House today (September 20), Mr. Phillips recounted recent incidents involving students who face severe challenges with getting to and from school, due to the absence of a proper bridge.

Mr. Phillips raised concern about how the government plans and budgets for infrastructure repairs, especially in emergency situations, such as, at Troy.

The MP said he is yet to get a response from the Education Ministry about a proposal to put in place a special transportation system for students who have to take the long, alternative route.

He detailed a situation where a parent had to transfer her child to another school, due to the danger associated with the unfixed bridge.

Relating a recent incident, in which a child nearly drowned, Mr. Phillips again warned that if the bridge is not fixed soon, the situation could be much worse.


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