NEPA serves enforcement notice on Trade Winds Limited, following recent oil spill

The National Environment and Planning Agency, NEPA has served an enforcement notice on Trade Winds Limited to clean-up and remediate the immediate environment of the oil spill which occurred in the Rio Cobre in Bog Walk, St. Catherine, at the weekend.

In a statement today, NEPA explained that the source of the spill is a malfunctioning boiler from the old Jamaica Beverage Plant now owned and operated by Trade Winds Citrus Limited. 

NEPA said there will be further enforcement, including legal action against Trade Winds Limited.

The agency said while Trade Winds has the required retaining wall in place to contain the oil, the leak was from a defective boiler.

NEPA’s Public Education and Corporate Communication Manager, Angela Hamilton noted that the agency is unable to quantify the volume of heavy fuel oil that has spilled, but has sought assistance from Petrojam Limited. 

She said while a good portion of the oil has been removed from the river, fisher folk, recreational and domestic users should be mindful of oil traces and exercise caution.


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