NCOTA members restive

The National Council of Taxi Associations, NCOTA, says its members are restive as they are yet to hear from government, details about a $25,000 grant for operators of public passenger vehicles.

The grant is to help cushion the rising cost of fuel.

In a statement today (June 13), NCOTA says its leadership discussed the issue, noting that they deem the announcement by Finance Minister, Dr. Nigel Clarke as nothing but an empty promise, as they have not received an update about when or how the funds will be disbursed.

According to NCOTA since the announcement, the cost of fuel has gone up by more than 50 dollars per litre.

NCOTA highlights in its statement, that the group has not heard back from Transport Minister Audley Shaw since a meeting two months ago, nor has it heard any updates since a meeting with the Transport Authority, where an app was suggested as a possible way for disbursement of the funds.

NCOTA Media Liaison Dion Chance says the operators need to hear from the authorities.

He says the taxi association is calling on the Transport and Finance Ministers to communicate with the operators about the implementation of the grant.

They say they are disappointed, over how the issue is being handled.

Meantime, Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the grant initiative for transport operators is being worked out.

He was speaking at a party meeting yesterday (June 12).



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