National Disaster Response Committee to meet today

The National Disaster Response Committee is to meet today.

According to Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie, the Committee will discuss the earthquake and make plans. The country will also be updated on the outcome of the meeting.

Meantime, the country’s critical infrastructure and operations did not suffer any significant damage from yesterday’s 5.6 magnitude earthquake.

That’s according to Ministers and State Agency Managers, who spoke at a post-earthquake press conference yesterday.

Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Daryl Vaz gave an extensive report for his portfolio.

He said electricity has been restored to all areas and that operations at Petrojam, the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC), the island’s two major airports and the maritime space were not greatly affected.

Minister with responsibility for water, Matthew Samuda said teams are still doing checks but so far reports indicate that the country’s water systems have not been damaged.

Chief Executive Officer of the National Works Agency E.G. Hunter said no major road, bridge or Government building was damaged.

He said work is also actively being done to clear roads affected by landslides and fallen rocks.


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