Murder accused Noel Maitland to know next week, if he will be granted bail

A ruling will be made in the Home Circuit Court on October 13 on whether or not bail will be granted to Police Constable Noel Maitland who is charged with the murder of his girlfriend Donna-lee Donaldson.

The court was told today (October 4) that Maitland is also charged with preventing the lawful burial of a corpse in relation to the murder of 24-year-old social media influencer Donaldson.

Attorney-at-Law Christopher Townsend who is representing Maitland made the bail application today.

Donaldson was last seen at Maitland’s New Kingston apartment on July 11.

She was reported missing on July 13.

Her body has not been found, but the police believe that she is dead.

And in outlining its case as to why bail should not be granted to Constable Noel Maitland, the prosecution said on the afternoon of July 13, the accused cop allegedly went to a hardware store on Constant Spring Road, and arranged with a truck driver to transport a couch from New Kingston to Half Way Tree.

Its reported that the driver drove behind the accused to his apartment.

The driver allegedly parked in the complex and observed Maitland and another man entering an apartment on the 2nd floor and they emerged with a couch that was said to be red or brown.

It was put on the truck and taken to a car wash along Lyndhurst Road.

The prosecution alleges that Maitland told the attendant that he was taking the couch to be washed because his cousin had suffered injury to the hand and bled out on it.

The woman who examined the couch said she saw blood stains on the right side.

She wanted to use bleach, but its alleged that Maitland told her no‘, as that would change the colour.

When she sprayed the couch with degreaser and washed it, she noticed, “a whole heap of blood coming from the right side”.

Its also alleged that Maitland also started washing the couch himself.

He also washed his car and left.

Its further reported that their actions were recorded by cameras on premises.

Maitland reportedly returned on July 14 with another truck and a driver as well as a man on a bike.

Its further alleged that the couch was loaded onto this truck and driven to Downtown Kingston, offloaded and the couch has not been seen since.

This was also captured on camera.

Meantime the prosecution further alleged that Maitland and one of his neighbours talked about CCTV cameras owned by the neighbour and how the cop may have been recorded walking with a spliff and that recording may jeopardize his prospects of an impending promotion.

Maitland reportedly said that he wanted the footage deleted.

Maitland also allegedly told neighbor that someone with him went missing and asked to see footage from July 12.

Maitland was shown parts of recording and he allegedly told the neighbour he’d be more comfortable if he deleted the footage.

Maitland allegedlycalled the neighbor twice on 15th and three times on 16th.

Its alleged that he expressed concern that police wanted to see footage.

The neighbour said he felt pressured.

On July 21, Maitland’s apartment was searched by the police.

Forensic evidence also indicated that ms. Donaldson’s DNA was found in various sections of Maitland’s apartment.

The cop was arrested on July 27.

The crown says the absence of a body does not prevent prosecution.


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