MP Homer Davis says St. James has endured “three days of community terror” amidst surge in murders in the parish at the weekend

“Three days of community terror”…

That’s how Member of Parliament for St. James Southern Homer Davis has described the surge in criminal activities in the parish over the past few days, despite it being under a State of Public Emergency (SOE).

Since the measure was reinstated last Friday, at least 6 people have been shot dead and others wounded in separate incidents.

They occurred in Green Pond, Montpelier, Irwin, Downtown Montego Bay and Cambridge.

Among the deceased are two brothers and 14-year-old anchovy high school student Randino James.

Randino was killed in Montpelier on Friday, while sheltering from the rain at a bar.

Noting that he knew Randino personally, Mr. Davis condemned his killing.

The MP who visited the school today, expressed concern about the level of crime in the parish.

Mr. Davis is urging residents to share whatever information they have about the killings with the police.

He added that law enforcement officials cannot achieve convictions without adequate evidence, hence citizens must play their parts. 


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