Motor vehicle crash in Braco Trelawny leaves 3 dead and several others injured

Three people are dead and several others are injured following a major crash along the Braco main road in Trelawny, this afternoon (September 1).

The deceased have not yet been identified, but two of them are said to be the drivers of two of the 3 vehicles involved.

The crash occurred sometime after 1 pm.

Acting head of the Trelawny Police Division, Deputy Superintendent, Winston Milton said a Honda motor car, a Nissan motor bus and a coaster bus, which was transporting hotel staff were involved in the crash.

One hotel staff member, Opal Broadie, who lives in Braco, said she almost boarded the staff bus, but was signalled by the driver that there was no available seat.

She said she interacted with the driver who is known as Pastor, on numerous occasions.

Meantime, another Braco resident Crudion Hylton-Broadie, described the accident scene as gruesome.

She is urging motorists to be cautious on the roadways.

Meantime, staff members from the H-10 Ocean Coral Spring Hotel have gathered at the hospital where their injured colleagues were taken following a motor vehicle accident, earlier this afternoon.

Relatives of the injured workers are being contacted.

A representative told Irie FM News, that information about the incident is still being gathered, including how many workers were on the bus.

The coaster bus had begun its route from browns town in St. Ann, and picked up several workers along its way to the hotel in Trealwny.

The hotel representative said, while many workers are injured, some seriously, there is a sense of relief that no hotel staff member has died.

However, there is grief for the driver of the bus, who was contracted to a tour company.

A representative of the tour company, told Irie FM News that details of the incident are still being gathered, and no comment will be made at this time.


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