Met Service says Tropical Storm Watch could be discontinued soon

The Met Service says the Tropical Storm Watch in effect for Jamaica could soon be discontinued.

This as Tropical Storm Lisa continues to move west, and is expected to leave the waters south of the island.

In the meantime, however, tropical storm conditions continue to pose a possible threat to the island.

At 4:00 p.m. the centre of Tropical Storm Lisa, was located at about 310 kilometres, South of Negril point, in Westmoreland.

On the forecast track, the centre of Tropical Storm Lisa will begin to move away from Jamaica this evening and pass south of the Cayman islands, tomorrow (November 1).

The system will continue to induce bands of rainfall, over sections of Jamaica for the next few days and residents should remain on the alert, for possible flash flooding, in flood-prone areas.

Fishers should also continue to exercise caution, until all warning messages have been lifted, and wind and sea conditions, have returned to normal.

The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, ODPEM, says its national emergency response system, is on standby.

This as Tropical Storm Lisa continues to pass south of the island.

Director General of ODPEM, Richard Thompson, says while the storm is not expected to result in significant wind activity, the agency continues to monitor the system.


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