Legal battle brewing over Deputy Mayor position in Westmoreland Municipal Corporation

A legal battle is brewing over the position of Vice Chairman of the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation / Deputy Mayor of Savanna la Mar.

This after recently ousted Deputy Mayor Councillor Danree Delancy filed a court injunction, seeking to bar independent Councillor Ian Myles from taking up the position. 

The matter stems from the recent no confidence motion moved against Delancy by the Jamaica Labour Party councillors with support from 3 other councillors, who resigned from the People’s National Party and are now deemed independent.

Among them is Myles, who has been selected to be the new Deputy Mayor.

Yesterday (June 27), the lawyer representing Delancy wrote to the Municipal Corporation, informing it of the court action.

The letter stated that the application was filed in the Supreme Court yesterday.

The suit seeks to quash what it deemed the unlawful decision by which the corporation removed Delancy.

It also seeks a declaration that the no confidence motion, brought against Delancy, is a breach of the By-Laws.

The attorney admonished the corporation for not seeking legal advice on the matter, prior to proceeding with the motion.

It’s not clear when the case will be heard in court.

When asked by IRIE FM news today, Mayor of Savanna la Mar Bertel Moore said the corporation received the documents from the Supreme Court.

Mayor Moore acknowledged that the matter needs to be clarified, noting that he is seeking legal advice on it.


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