Legal and Constitutional Affairs Minister says abortion will not be part of her ministerial platform; JFJ weighs in

Legal and Constitutional Affairs Minister Marlene Malahoo Forte has indicated that abortion will not be part of her ministerial platform.


In her Sectoral Debate presentation yesterday, Mrs. Malahoo Forte noted her personal stance on the issue, while stating that she respects the position of others who differ.



And, in response to Minister Malahoo Forte’s comments about abortion, human rights lobby group Jamaicans for Justice, JFJ, has cautioned that a personal conviction on an issue should be separated from public policy guidelines.

JFJ Executive Director Mickel Jackson expressed concern that Mrs. Malahoo Forte’s declaration will further undermine efforts at consensus building.


Ms. Jackson noted that the issue of access to safe abortions, whether exercising one’s right to choose or even in medical emergencies, must be reviewed objectively.



She said the minister’s views discourage participation by active citizenry and affected groups, as well as, reduce trust in the constitutional reform process.



Ms. Jackson said if the minister is unable to separate her personal experiences, then she is unfit to lead the constitutional reform process.




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