Labour Minister describes series of Overseas Employment Programme related meetings in the US, as successful

Labour Minister Karl Samuda has described as successful a series of meetings in the United States related to the Overseas Employment Programme.

Mr. Samuda who returned to Jamaica on Saturday says it was a very productive trip.

The Labour Minister explains that the sides were able to devise strategies that will benefit the workers, employers and the overall programme next season and beyond.

Mr. Samuda, who left the island on Tuesday, October 25, met with employers and workers on the US Farm Work Programme in three states, from Wednesday, October 26 to Friday, October 28.

The Labour Minister met with the New England Apple Council, which represents 177 growers with 1,800 Jamaican Farm workers across four states, on Wednesday October, 26 in Enfield, Connecticut.

He also met with the Valley Growers Cooperative in Milton, New York, on Wednesday, October 26. The association represents 47 employers with 598 Jamaican farm workers.

On Thursday, October 27, the minister met with bookends associates, which represents 68 employers and 836 farm workers across three states.

Mr. Samuda hosted a meeting with representatives from Florida East Coast Travel Services (FLECTS) on Friday, October 28 in Miami, Florida, to wrap up his US visit.

FLECTS provides transportation for the majority of the country’s farm workers.


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