JCF’s Medical Services Branch and KPH investigating suspected food related illnesses which affected several police officers 

The Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Medical Services Branch, MSB and the Kingston Public Hospital, KPH are investigating what led to at least 11 police officers becoming ill, after consuming meals while on training, Thursday.

Reports are that during a level 2 tactical training course, at the JCF’s Specialised Operations Branch, 11 officers from various divisions, consumed provided lunches.

Shortly after, they became ill.

Head of the  JCF’s Wellness and Welfare Division, Superintendent Raymond Wilson said the affected officers were rushed to the KPH for medical treatment.

He said one of the officers’ condition was a bit more serious than the others and so he was kept for observation.

All the officers have since been released.

Superintendent Wilson said the MSB and doctors at the k-p-h are seeking to ascertain the cause of the illness.

In the meantime, the Wellness and Welfare Division is monitoring and offering support to the  affected officers.


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