Jamaica’s unemployment rate declines

There is a decline in the number of unemployed people in Jamaica.

The Statistical Institute of Jamaica, STATIN, said the unemployment rate fell to 6.6 percent for July this year, compared to the same period in 2021.

This is 1.9 percentage points lower, than the 8.5 percent recorded in July of the previous year.

Director General of STATIN, Carol Coy said in July, there were 89,700 unemployed persons.

She also stated that in July, there were 1,268,000 employed persons, an increase of 53,000 compared to the similar quarter of 2021.

More females were employed over the period – 42,000– which represents 79.2 percent of the total increase in employment.

STATIN also recorded an increase in the labour force, of 30,200 persons, compared to July 2021.

Of that number, males increased by 2,800, and females by 27,400.

The labour force now totals 1,357,700 people.


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