Jamaicans urged to be on the alert for Giant African Snails

Jamaicans are being encouraged to be on the alert for a pest known as the Giant African Snail.

The Agriculture Ministry, which issued the alert yesterday (July 13), said the Giant African Snail is regarded as one of the most destructive snails in the world.

The Ministry added that it feeds on over 500 plants, tree bark, and even paint and stucco on houses.

Speaking with Irie Fm News, President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society, Lenworth Fulton noted that although there have not been any reported sightings in Jamaica, so far, the damage done in other Caribbean nations is extensive.

He said Jamaicans should take extreme precaution.

He noted that Jamaicans should not neglect to report any sighting of the Giant African Snail as the pest could seriously impact the country’s food supply.

Persons who see Giant African Snails in the country should not crush or kill them, instead they should report sightings to the Ministry by calling or sending Whatsapp pictures to 876-442-0814.



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