Jamaican wanted man captured in Cayman

A Jamaican national wanted for murder was among four men arrested in the Cayman Islands, during an operation over the weekend.

He is 27-year-old Neville Peter Butler.

Butler is the second Jamaican murder suspect arrested in Cayman in recent weeks.

Last month, 30-year-old Rudolph Shaw, also known as ‘Boxa’, who police allege is a leading member of the Wildlife gang, and is a prime suspect in at least three killings, was nabbed in Cayman.

During the operation to nab Shaw, another man escaped.

According to a statement issued by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, yesterday (August 8), Butler is believed to be the man who fled during the operation.

Its reported that officers from the firearms response unit, approached a vehicle with two people, including Shaw abroad.

The men reportedly tried to escape and rammed into the police service vehicle, disabling it.

Butler escaped but Shaw was held.

Further reports are that on Saturday, August 6, Butler was among a group of men in a vehicle that was stopped by officers, in the vicinity of West Bay.

Police said one of the men was observed throwing a bag out of the car window.

The bag was retrieved, and searched. The police reportedly marijuana inside it.

All four men were arrested on suspicion of possession of ganja as well as suspicion of illegal landing.

The Cayman Police said it was later confirmed that three of the occupants, all Jamaican nationals, were in Cayman illegally.

Butler was among the three.

The fourth man, also a Jamaican national has a valid work permit.

The Cayman Islands Police are continuing their investigations.


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