Jamaican advocacy group launches campaign urging solidarity with Haitian Refugees 

Amid the devastating humanitarian and security crisis in Haiti, Freedom Imaginaries today launched the “#WithHaitianRefugees” Campaign, urging solidarity with Haitian refugees and asylum seekers in the Caribbean. 

The campaign was launched during a virtual press conference with several advocacy groups such as the Advocates Network, Haiti-Jamaica Society, Hemispheric Network for Haitian Migrants’ Rights, Human Rights Watch, Jamaica Council of Churches, Jamaicans for Justice, and Stand Up for Jamaica.

Thousands of persons have been killed, injured and kidnapped since the catastrophic situation began in Haiti, while hundreds of thousands of others have been displaced. 

Over 120 Haitian migrants have arrived in Jamaica since July, over 80 of whom were returned to Haiti.

President of the Haiti-Jamaica Society, Myrtha Desulme said this was done without due process and without an individualized assessment of their international protection needs, contrary to international and constitutional law.  

Due to the situation in Haiti, the UN Refugee Agency and other UN bodies have called upon states in the region to suspend the forced return of Haitians to a country that is extremely fragile. 

Ms. Desulme said Jamaica has failed to do this on numerous occasions. 

The #WithHaitianRefugees Campaign calls on the United Nations, the Organization of American States, and the Caribbean Community to establish a comprehensive coordinated regional approach to ensure the protection of Haitian refugees and asylum seekers.


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