Jamaica and Cuba sign letter of intent for continued health agreement

Jamaica and Cuba have signed a letter of intent for a technical cooperation agreement for the continued provision of a medical brigade of health professionals.

A similar letter was signed for the renewal of an agreement for the operation of an ophthalmology centre, which has, over the years, facilitated greater access to high-quality and timely vision and eye health services for Jamaicans.

The signing was done by Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton and Cuba’s Minister of Public Health Dr. José Angel Portal Miranda, while at the international convention “Cuba Salud” in Havana, Cuba.

The letters of intent lay the foundation for the negotiation and implementation of the full terms of the technical cooperation agreements.

The cooperation agreements have, over time, also allowed for the interweaving of Cuban medical professionals into all levels of Jamaica’s health system, helping to ensure the best possible health outcomes for patients.

Dr. Tufton said government intends to expand the eye care service, to school children.

he said the Jamaica/Cuba cooperation, reflects Cuba’s commitment to serving public health, as a public good.

In response, the Cuban Health Minister noted that Jamaica would continue to enjoy his country’s support.


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