Information Minister refutes opposition’s claims that it was not consulted on salary increase

Information Minister Robert Morgan has refuted claims by the opposition People’s National Party, PNP that it was not consulted by the government on the decision to increase the salaries of parliamentarians.


Yesterday, Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke announced the increases for 3 fiscal years, from 2021 to 2024, which will cost government 1.7 billion dollars.


Effective April 2024, the Prime Minister will receive just over 28 million dollars annually for his salary.


The Opposition Leader will get over 25 million dollars annually, while Members of Parliament will get 14.2 million dollars, as of next year April.


Speaking in Parliament yesterday, Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Julian Robinson said the PNP took no issue with the increases. However, in a statement early this morning, the opposition said it strongly objects to the massive salary increase, which it was not consulted on.


The opposition said the government only sought its political non-objection to the decision when it was already made.


Responding to questions during a Post Cabinet Press Briefing this morning, Mr. Morgan said the opposition appears conflicted on the matter.


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