Information Minister describes Opposition’s reaction to DPP retirement age increase as troubling

Information Minister Robert Morgan has described as troubling, the Opposition’s reaction to the increase in the retirement age for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

The bill amending the constitution to effect the change for the DPP and the Auditor General, (AG)  was passed in Parliament yesterday despite objection from the Opposition.

The change in the retirement age for the DPP and AG is from 60 to 65 years, bringing them in line with what obtains for other workers in the civil service.

The Opposition has expressed concern about how the change was implemented, noting in particular that it was not consulted on the matter.

However, speaking at this morning’s Post Cabinet press briefing, the Information Minister noted that the decision to change the pensionable age of persons in government was not made by one administration.

He questioned the motive behind the Opposition’s issue with raising the retirement age for the DPP, noting that there has been no such concern shared about the Auditor General.

Meantime, Justice Minister Delroy Chuck defended the stewardship of the DPP, noting that he would be happy if she continues in the role.


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