INDECOM probing fatal shooting of man believed to be of unsound mind, in Clarendon

The Independent Commission of Investigations INDECOM, is probing the fatal shooting of a man believed to be of unsound mind, at the Rock River Primary School in Clarendon, yesterday (September 19).

It is reported that a police officer was dispatched to the school to respond to a report of disorderly conduct by the man, when during apprehension for removal, the man allegedly used an umbrella to strike the officer.

Further reports are that the lawman then discharged his weapon at the man, wounding him.

The man was taken to the may pen hospital where he was pronounced dead.

INDECOM said the scene was processed and the officer’s firearm, and the umbrella were recovered.

According to INDECOM, the cop involved in the incident did not make himself available for an initial account to be provided and will be served a section 21 notice to provide a statement and attend the office of the commission to be interviewed.


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