INDECOM interviews Police woman in relation to Donnalee Donaldson case; session to be kept confidential until deemed prudent for public dissemination

The Independent Commission of Investigation, INDECOM, has pointed out that while its aware of the public interest in the case of missing influencer Donnalee Donaldson, its interview session with the police woman will be kept confidential until deemed prudent for public dissemination.

This as the information gleaned from the interview is crucial to the overall investigative process, and release of information from the interview, could jeopardize the case.

The woman District Constable was interviewed by INDECOM today (August 3).

She is being deemed a witness, at this point.

The police have already indicated that the police woman is not a suspect, as there is no evidence, linking her to the case.

The father of her child, who is also a police officer and the companion of Donaldson, has been charged with murder.

Noel Maitland was also set to be interviewed by INDECOM, today, however, following the murder charge, the commission said it will not proceed with the question and answer session for him.

Meantime, the attorney representing the woman District Constable has indicated that his client was cooperative, during todays interview session with the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM.

While refraining from giving details of the session, Oswest Senior Smith said his client gave responses to questions aimed at getting information.


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