Haiti Stakeholders’ Meetings not being held for CARICOM to propose a fix to Haiti’s security situation- Golding

Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding says the ongoing security talks about Haiti are not being held for the Caribbean Community, CARICOM to propose a fix to Haiti’s situation.


Caricom leaders are in the country to discuss security measures for Haiti, which continues to grapple with issues such as crime and starvation.


The discussions are to take place over three days.


Speaking at the opening ceremony in Kingston this morning Mr. Golding said proposing a fix might make Haiti’s situation worse.


He said Haitians must be the ones to create a solution.



Mr. Golding who was speaking on behalf of Caricom’s Eminent Persons Group said Caricom aims to facilitate the dialogue towards deriving a solution.



According to him though difficult a lasting solution must come from Haiti.


Mr. Golding said he wishes that the talks will give Haitians hope for the future.


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