Gov’t mobilises response mechanisms to assist Downtown residents left homeless by fire

The government has mobilised response and support mechanisms to assist residents of Kingston Central following a flare up of violence and fire bombings that left several residents homeless.

More than 30 residents of Smith Lane and James Street in Downtown Kingston, lost their homes to the fire.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, along with other government officials visited the community today (August 9) to get a first hand assessment of the situation and speak with residents.

Mr. Holness said the affected residents will get help to rebuild their homes, through the Social Housing Programme.

He noted that if there is an issue with land ownership, the government has laws that can be used to rectify that.

Meantime, Mr. Holness has indicated that while there is a valid reason for expanding the Zone of Special Operation, ZOSOs, to the Kingston Central community, the matter has to be considered against the background of available resources.

Mr. Holness visited the James Street area in Central Kingston today, following a flare up of violence, to include shootings and homes being fire bombed.

Mr. Holness pointed out that implementing a ZOSO, requires a lot of planning.

He stressed that residents have a role to play in tackling crime and violence in the community.


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