Government MPs call for Constituency Development Fund to be increased

Three government parliamentarians today (September 21), joined calls for significant increases to the Constituency Development Fund, CDF allocations.

The calls were made to during the State of the Constituency Debate.

Member of Parliament for Manchester Southern Robert Chin called for the CDF to be increased to 9 billion dollars.

Currently, each MP is allocated some 20 million dollars for the development of their constituency.

Delivering his contribution to the State of the Constituency Debate in Parliament this afternoon, Mr. Chin said constituencies should be allocated a minimum of 40 million dollars per division for infrastructure development.

He said this would eliminate the need for MPs to be at the mercy of any minister or ministry.

Meantime, Member of Parliament for East Portland, Ann-Marie Vaz called on Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke to increase the CDF to 54 million dollars.

And Member of Parliament for South East St. Mary, Dr. Norman Dunn appealed for greater allocation for rural members of parliament to fix roads.

He stated that rural members of parliament have greater needs than urban MPs, in terms of road rehabilitation, noting that roads in rural areas have been neglected for many years.


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