Government empowers boards to close summer school early due to Beryl

The Education Ministry says school boards are empowered to close school for the summer term effective tomorrow July 3, instead of Friday July 5 as was previously communicated.

This announcement comes as Hurricane Beryl continues to pose a threat to Jamaica.

Beryl which is now a category 5 hurricane is expected to reach the island by Wednesday.

In a bulletin to schools on Monday, the ministry said it is aware that there are some planned activities like graduation or first-form orientation scheduled for this week.

It said school boards and administrators should assess the situation on the ground and ensure that the appropriate decisions are made based on the school’s context and the need to ensure everyone is safe.

The ministry said given the projected trajectory of the hurricane and the recovery efforts thereafter, school boards are empowered to close school tomorrow.

Reminding administrators that some schools are used as shelters, the ministry said school leaders must make every effort to accommodate the relief efforts of the country.

It said all important documents and educational materials should be safeguarded and resources secured within the areas to be occupied by those using the shelter.

The ministry says it will continue to monitor the reports from the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) and the Met Service and provide the necessary updates.


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