JLP’S- G2K calls on PNP’s Errol Bascoe to resign as Tacky High principal amid allegations

Generation 2000, the Young Professional Affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party, JLP is calling on People’s National Party member, Errol Bascoe to resign as principal of the Tacky High School in St. Mary.

This following a recent allegation, levelled against him.

In a statement last evening, Mr. Bascoe announced his resignation as the PNP’s provisional member of parliament candidate for Western St. Mary. 

In a letter addressed to party leader Mark Golding, Mr Bascoe said he is innocent of the malicious accusation and is confident the truth will prevail in due course.

However, he said recognizing the potential impact on the party’s reputation, and the importance of prioritizing its interests, he has chosen to step aside as the candidate for Western St. Mary. 

He said the decision would also allow him to dedicate his full attention to addressing the matter and clearing his good name.

In a statement Today, Generation 2000 said it is deeply troubling that Mr. Bascoe, while prioritizing the reputation of the PNP, has failed to extend the same level of concern for the reputation and well-being of Tacky High. 

The youth group president, Shayne Kerr has condemned what he describes as Mr. Bascoe’s disregard for his duty to protect the school and prioritize its reputation before partisan interests. 

Generation 2000 is therefore urging Mr. Bascoe to recognize any risk that his continued tenure as principal poses to Tacky High.

The organisation said Mr. Bascoe should tender his resignation immediately to safeguard the reputation and well-being of the school.

Meanwhile, the PNP said it will be seeking to replace Mr. Bascoe as the provisional member of parliament candidate for Western St. Mary.

Noting that the party accepted Mr. Bascoe’s resignation, PNP General Secretary, Dr. Dayton Campbell, said the next step is to find a replacement.


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