Frankfield residents call for urgent replacement of bridge washed away in 2017

Residents of Frankfield in Clarendon took to the streets this morning (October 3), calling for the urgent replacement of a bridge in their community which was washed away in 2017.

The bridge links the communities of Green River and Southwood.

The calls for its replacement follows a recent incident in which a woman and a child were reportedly carried away by the water as they attempted to cross the Rio Minho.

Speaking in an interview with Irie FM News, Councillor for the Frankfield Division, Clive Mundle, noted that the residents are also concerned about the poor road conditions in the division.

He lamented that its been five years since the bridge was washed away while calling on the relevant agencies to act with urgency.

The Green River Bridge is one of several across the island that is in need of urgent repairs.

Just last week, Prime Minister Andrew Holness assured citizens that the issue was being taken seriously, while pledging to expedite response measures related to replacement works on the Troy bridge, on the Trelawny/Manchester border.

Residents, the opposition, and other interest groups had expressed concern about that bridge after a student reportedly fell into the river while crossing on a makeshift structure.


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