Four people killed in Westmoreland and St. James between last night and this morning 

Four people were killed in Westmoreland and St. James between last night and this morning (June 16). 


The deceased are 27-year-old Romario Bloomfield, a music producer, Vernice Blackwood otherwise called “Ms. Vern”, or “Granny”, both of Lilliput in St. James, 20-year-old Domonic Poyser, of Savanna-la-Mar in Westmoreland and an unidentified man. 


In the latest incident at about 2:40 A.M. police report that Poyser was shot and killed by unknown assailant(s) at his home in Savanna-la-Mar.


He died at hospital.


Earlier at around 12:30 A.M. police say an unidentified man was chopped to death by another man during a dispute at a party in Burnt Savannah, Westmoreland. 


Over in St. James, Blackwood and Bloomfield were shot and killed in Lilliput around 6:05 P.M. 


Police say the two were in their community when they were pounced upon by gunmen who opened fire hitting them. 


They were pronounced dead at hospital. 


Police are probing the incidents, which bring to at least 12, the number of murders committed across the island within the past two days.


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