Four men charged in relation to cattle theft in St. Ann

The four men who were arrested in relation to the theft of 6 heads of cattle, in St. Ann on Thursday, have been charged.

They are, 36-year-old driver Anthony Turner of Rock River; 53-year-old butcher Alvara Black of Toll Gate, 73-year-old farm contractor Donald Gooden of Comfort in Toll Gate, all in Clarendon, and twenty-seven-year-old truck driver, Romaine Mclean of Harmons in Manchester.

Reports are that at about 10am, yesterday (September 9) the police were informed of the larceny of the cattle, between Alexandria and Cave Valley.

A truck, with six of the animals aboard was intercepted by the police.

The four men were arrested.

They are to appear before the St. Ann Parish court on Monday (September 12).

Superintendent in charge of operations for St. Ann, David White told Irie FM News that the truck is registered in the name of a local patty company.


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