Four charges laid against quintuple murder accused Rushane Barnett, following confrontation with police

Four charges have been laid against twenty-three -year-old Rushane Barnett, following an alleged confrontation with the police, at the Half Way Tree lock up, earlier this week.

Reports are that Barnett who pleaded guilty to the murder of a mother and her four children in Clarendon, earlier this year, allegedly attacked police personnel who were recovering contraband, including a cellphone from him.

The allegations are that Barnett assaulted a female police officer and threw juice at policemen.

Barnett has been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm, threats to murder, assaulting a constable and abusive and calumnious language.

His court date is being finalised

Barnett is also to be sentenced on September 22, for the death of Kemesha Wright and her four children who were found with their throats slashed at their home in Cocoa Piece, Clarendon in June.


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