Finance Minister believes aspects of participatory budgeting can be utilized in the country


Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke says he believes that aspects of participatory budgeting can be utilized in the country.


Participatory budgeting is a democratic process, in which members of the public decide how to spend part of a public budget.


In recent times, there have been discussions about how the country’s funds are being allocated.


One of the most recent conversations arose from the construction of a 12 million dollar Negril sign, in Westmoreland.


Questions were raised about how the government could afford the sign, while funds are insufficient in the education sector, and for the construction of roads, among other things.


Speaking during a virtual forum, yesterday (December 6), Dr. Clarke said participatory budgeting could result in amendments to the Constituency Development Fund.



The minister who said he was speaking on a personal basis, noted that if there is sufficient will, the CDF could be reformed to bear some of the better features of participatory budgeting.


However, he said, before this can happen a public education campaign must take place, so that citizens can first understand the national budget.




The forum was being held under the theme, Can Participatory Budgeting Improve Democracy and Good Governance?”




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