Family calls for help in locating St. Ann teacher missing for a year

It’s been a year since Mathematics Teacher Ruchelle Williams went missing, but her family is still hopeful that she will be found.

The 35-year-old of Goshen in St. Ann was reportedly last seen in Top Road, Browns Town on the morning of September 15, 2021.

She was wearing a yellow top and a pair of cream pants and sporting a low cut hairstyle.

Following her disappearance, family, friends and stakeholders from the Marcus Garvey High School where she taught, participated in week-long search parties for her, but all to no avail.

Over time, the search parties lessened and eventually waned.

A 250,000 dollar reward for information as to her whereabouts, also yielded no success.

Speaking to Irie FM News this morning (September 15), Ruchelle’s mother Sheryl Williams noted that there has been no update from the police regarding the investigation into her daughter’s disappearance since around March.

She noted that she did a DNA test after a body was found in St. Thomas, but it was not her daughter’s.

Mrs. Williams is appealing to anyone with information on her daughter’s whereabouts to contact her, or the police.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Ruchelle Williams is being urged to contact the Browns Town police at (876) 975-2233 or the nearest police station.


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