Education Ministry says it’s not its intention to prescribe the length and size of school uniforms

Education Minister Fayval Williams said it’s not the ministry’s intention to prescribe the length and size of school uniforms.

According to her, this is to be determined by the board of each school.

There has been public debate over schools’ dress code and how schools respond to students who breach the uniform guidelines.

Mrs. Williams explained that the ministry’s policy is an overarching one, and does not prescribe the details for schools.

The ministry’s policy stipulates that schools grooming policies, among other things, be arrived at through a consultative process, with all stakeholders.

Mrs. Williams said decisions about uniforms are best taken at the school level.

She said prior to the start of the academic year, the ministry began consultation on dress and grooming in schools, because it would be a major topic when schools resumed the face to face mode.

Mrs. Williams said the ministry’s position is to stand on the side of discipline, law and order.


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