Dispute over alleged bad driving said to be the cause of a shoot out in Montego Bay, today

A dispute over alleged bad driving, is said to be the cause of a shoot out between 2 licensed firearm holders, in Montego Bay St. James, earlier today (July 19).

A video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

The video shows 2 men, at times hiding behind vehicles, and walking around vehicles, and shooting at each other.

The shoot out occurred in the vicinity of Sam Sharpe Square, and caused traffic to temporarily come to a stand still.

The St. James Police report that both men have been hospitalised with gunshot wounds.

The wounds are not considered serious; one man was shot in his hand, while the other was shot in the foot.

Investigations are ongoing.

And, Justice Minister Delroy Chuck has chastised citizens who engage in road rage, and promised that the new Road Traffic Legislation, will help curb such behaviour.

Speaking in Parliament today, Mr. Chuck referred to a shooting incident in Montego Bay, St. James today, in which 2 licensed firearm holders opened gun fire on each other.

Its reported that the shoot out stemmed from allegations of bad driving.


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