CPFSA says 126 of the children who went missing last year have not yet been found

Of the one thousand and twenty-nine (1029) reports of missing children received, last year, 126 children have not yet been found.

Ananda Alert officer at the Child Protection and Family Services Agency, CPFSA, Annadjae Roberts made the revelation at the Ananda Alert Regional Conference in Kingston today.

She said over 900 of the children were located alive, while one was found dead.

Ms. Roberts said St. Catherine has the highest number of missing children reports.

She said of the children who go missing, approximately 82 per cent are girls and 18 per cent are boys.

Ms. Roberts added that over 90 per cent of children reported missing are teenagers.

The Ananda Alert officer said there are cases where children reported missing have returned home, but parents or guardians do not inform the authorities.

The Ananda Alert Regional Conference is being held  under the theme : Strengthening Responses to Missing Children, a Regional Exchange of Good Practices.”

The conference comes ahead of tomorrow’s observance of International Missing Children’s Day.


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