Classes disrupted at schools across seven parishes as teachers take industrial action

Classes have been disrupted at schools across seven parishes as teachers have taken industrial action.


At some schools, educators did not turn up for work while others are reporting that teachers have staged a sit- in.


Today is day one of the industrial action being taken by teachers in Westmoreland, St. Elizabeth, Manchester, Clarendon, Kingston, St. Andrew and St. Thomas, who are upset about how the government is handling their concerns arising from the compensation review.


In some instances, students who turned up for classes were sent home.


Principal of the Bustamante High School in Clarendon Wayne Evans says not enough teachers turned out to supervise the students.



Meantime, Jamaica College in the corporate area sent an urgent notice to parents notifying them that school would close at ten this morning due to a sit-in by teachers.


The school says it’s unable to supervise the students.


Parents were told that they would be informed later about what will happen tomorrow.


Jamaica Teachers Association President LaSonja Harrison gave an update on the teachers’ protest.


Arising from the public sector compensation restructuring several anomalies were identified, and despite submitting letters to the Finance Minister, the JTA says there has been no response.


The teachers want a technical committee to be set up to address the concerns.


Mrs. Harrison explains some of the issues faced by some teachers.


The JTA president says it seems teachers, are a bother to the government.


Despite classes being disrupted at some schools, due to industrial action taken by public sector teachers, many parents say they are in support of the educators’ protests.


The teachers have long been complaining about issues related to their salary, and some parents say, it is important that the educators do what is necessary to get what they deserve.


One parent told Irie FM News, that she is pleased with the level of organization of the protest, as she was informed about the action beforehand.



One guardian expressed concern that teachers are being treated unfairly, despite the relentless sacrifices they make to help develop the minds of the nation’s children.



Meantime, another parent is urging the Education Ministry not to threaten to shorten the salaries of teachers who have taken industrial action.



Parents expressing support for industrial action taken by teachers.


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