Chapelton residents try to come to terms with murder of 5 family members, yesterday

Some residents of Chapelton in Clarendon are still trying to come to terms with the murder of five family members in the community, yesterday (June 21).

Dead are 31 year old Kemisha Wright, and her children 15 year old Kimana Smith, 10 year old Shemari smith 5 year old Kafana Smith and 23 month old Kishaun Henry all of Cocoa Piece, in Chapleton.

Their throats were slashed.

When Irie FM News visited the community yesterday, the home of the victims showed signs of life interrupted – a shoe on the verandah, a light bulb left on, and a line full of clothes.

Many residents are still in disbelief, refusing to accept reports that the five had been killed, allegedly by a male cousin.

Yesterday, the Police named Wright’s 23 year old cousin, Rushane Barnett otherwise called “Jett” as a person of interest in relation to the killings.

He has since been taken into police custody.

Ms. Wright’s mother, Gwendolyn Mcknight said the alleged attacker, was seen sharpening a weapon, which is believed to have been used to carry out the gruesome act.

She said the incident comes as a shock, as her daughter, who was studying to become a nurse, was kind to her cousin, who lived with the family for a while.

Gwendolyn Mcknight, mother of deceased Clarendon woman.

She believes a disagreement may have fueled the killings.

Meantime, Ms. Wright’s neighbour and landlord, Clifton Edwards described the slain woman as a good tenant.

He bemoaned the loss of the family.

And, pastor of the Shingle Hut New Testament Church of God, Reverend Leroy Palmer said grief counselling will be provided to the family.


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