British man charged following ganja seizure at Sangster International Airport

A British man has been charged following the seizure of 31 pounds of ganja at the Sangster International Airport in St. James, last Wednesday.

He is 62-year-old Peter Townsend, a logistics worker of Bedford, England, and Broomfield Avenue, in Mandeville, Manchester.

Reports from the police are that at about 3:50 PM, Townsend was accosted by narcotics operatives while in the process of checking in to board a flight to Manchester, England.

Following a preliminary interview, the police became suspicious and carried out a search of his luggage, which reportedly revealed 31 pounds of ganja.

The estimated street value of the drug is JM $12 million.

Townsend was arrested the same day and charged with possession of ganja, dealing in ganja, attempting to export ganja and conspiracy to export ganja, yesterday.

He is to appear before the St. James parish court, next Wednesday, February 21.


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