Body of second Jamaican man who went missing after jumping from US bridge, found

The body of the second Jamaican man, who went missing after jumping from the popular Jaws Bridge in Massachusetts, in the USA, on Sunday (August 14), has been recovered.

21-year-old Tavaughn Bulgin was found dead at about 11:30, this morning (August 18).

The body of his older brother, 26-year-old Tavaris, had been found on Monday (August 15).

Meantime, family spokesman, Reverend Roy Parkins said the men’s parents and sisters have expressed relief that they have been found.

Reverend Parkins said the family will remain in the USA for a few more days, as they go trough the process of viewing the bodies, attending autopsies, getting the death certificates, and making arrangements to have the bodies flown back to Jamaica.

He added that the family would also participate in memorial services hosted by church colleagues, operators of the restaurant the brothers were employed at for the summer, and other supporters.


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