Body of Kingston Wharves employee recovered from sea

The body of Scot Bamburry, a stevedore, at the Kingston Wharves Limited was recovered from the sea, earlier this afternoon (July 14).

Bamburry fell overboard a vessel, while doing his normal duties, on Tuesday.

In a statement, Kingston Wharves said this outcome is not the one desired but the company is grateful that the recovery of Bamburrys body, will provide some measure of closure.

The company expressed appreciation to the rescue teams, which include, the Jamaica Defence Force, JDF Coast Guard, the Marine Police and private divers.

Kingston Wharves noted that the incident has affected Bamburrys colleagues, and that it’s a difficult time for the organisation.

The company also noted that its an especially sad time for Mr. Bamburry’s family, and pledged to provide support.

Meantime, residents of Wood Hall in Clarendon, have expressed sadness at the tragic incident involving Kingston Wharves worker, Scot Bamburry.

Bamburry was born and raised in the community.

Persons who spoke with Irie FM News said the community is in shock, and that when they first heard about the incident, it was hoped that Bamburry would be found alive.

Those hopes were dashed this afternoon, with the recovery of his body.

The residents described Bamburry as a jovial, kind hearted, and humble young man.

Some residents expressed concern that not much details have been given, as to what exactly transpired on Tuesday, when Bamburry went overboard a vessel.


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