Bail application to be made for Noel Maitland, when he returns to court on August 22



A bail application is to be made for police Constable Noel Maitland, when he returns to court on August 22.


Maitland, the boyfriend of missing social media influencer Donnalee Donaldson, appeared  in the St. Andrew Parish Court today (August 12).


Maitland’s attorney Christopher Townsend had requested that the case be mentioned on August 18,  however, the presiding Judge Lori-Ann Cole Montague said that date was not available.


Judge Cole Montague also ordered that Maitland had his fingerprints taken.


Meantime, supporters and family members of Ms. Donaldson protested outside the court this morning.


While small in number, the group bellowed calls for justice, and called for Ms. Donaldson’s body to be provided.


Police theorized that she was killed by Maitland.


The 24-year-old social media influencer went missing in July.


The police say while they have not found her body and do not know if it will ever be found, they believe that she is dead.


Ms. Donaldson’s aunt Jermadeen Lugg told Irie Fm News that her sister who is Donaldson’s mother is hospitalized but is recovering.


She said the family will not hold a memorial service until Ms. Donaldson’s body is found.




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