Attorneys representing the Opposition write to PSC for clarity regarding Acting DPP’s appointment

The Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) says its attorneys have written to the Public Service Commission (PSC), to request clarity concerning the specific basis on which an Acting Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) was appointed. 

Claudette Thompson was appointed Acting DPP on April 22, after former DPP Paula Llewellyn indicated earlier this month that she was unable to carry out the functions of her office.

The development followed a ruling by the Constitutional Court on April 19, 2024 that the second extension of Ms. Llewellyn’s tenure as  DPP, was unconstitutional. 

The challenge to the extension was brought in a lawsuit filed by Opposition Member of Parliament Phillip Paulwell and Senator Peter Bunting.

The government is appealing the court’s ruling.

In a statement today, the PNP said Hylton Powell, Attorneys-at-Law, representing Phillip Paulwell and Peter Bunting, have sent a detailed letter to Chairperson of the PSC, Patricia Sinclair-Mccalla, requesting clarification on the specific basis for the appointment of the Acting DPP, following the ruling by the full court on April 19. 

According to the PNP, with the full court declaring that the second extension for Ms. Llewellyn was unconstitutional, there has been a vacancy in the Office of  DPP since September 2023. 

The PNP noted however, that statements from the Attorney-General’s chambers suggest otherwise.

In a letter addressed to the PSC, dated yesterday April 29, the lawyers representing Mr. Paulwell and Senator Bunting said the basis on which Ms. Thompson was appointed is unclear.

This as a statement by the Attorney General’s chambers which says “the DPP has advised that she is unable to carry out the functions of her office at this time” suggests that the DPP’s post is not vacant, and Ms. Llewellyn remains the DPP, albeit unable to carry out the functions.

The lawyers said if Ms. Llewellyn remains the DPP, the appointment of the Acting DPP would be inconsistent with the full court’s judgement.

The lawyers are calling for clarity on the matter.

Meantime, the PNP has urged the public to review the letter which it sent to the PSC.

It said it is dedicated to ensuring that appointments within key public offices are conducted transparently and adhere strictly to the law.

The PNP said it will continue to monitor the situation, closely and expects a clear and prompt response from the Public Service Commission to address these vital legal questions.


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