Association of Chairmen of Secondary Institutions calls for stakeholders to have urgent discussions aimed at protecting students from unnecessary violence

The Jamaica Association of Chairmen of Secondary institutions (JACSI) is calling on all stakeholders, including the Ministries of Education and National Security to have urgent discussions in an effort to protect students from unnecessary violence.

The appeal follows several recent incidents of violence involving students.

In the past few days, two male students were killed while a female student was wounded.

In the latest incident last Thursday, April 25, 16-year-old Grange Hill High student Carson Barrett was shot dead by gunmen while walking from a school event in Westmoreland.

A 15-year-old female student of the school was also wounded in the incident.

And a week earlier, 15-year-old Irwin High student Raniel Plummer was stabbed to death by one of his schoolmates outside the gates of the St. James-based school.

The incidents have been widely condemned.

Adding its voice to the matter, JACSI said the incidents highlight the dark manifestation of the epidemic of violence plaguing the country.

The Association’s President, Courtney Wynter also expressed concern that when students engage in fights, some of their peers as well as adults, cheer them on instead of trying to deescalate the situation.

He said everyone, including the Education and National Security Ministries must work to remedy the issue.


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