Another prisoner recaptured after escaping from the Oracabessa lock-up, last year

Another of the prisoners who escaped from the Oracabessa lock-up in St. Mary in December, last year, has been recaptured. 

He is 24-year-old Tray Walker of Claremont in St. Ann. 

Reports from the police are that Walker was taken into custody on Monday, December 27 for larceny of motor vehicle and malicious destruction of property, following an incident in St. Catherine, on the same day. 

While in custody, investigative leads revealed that Walker had given a fictitious name and that he was one of the seven inmates who escaped from the Oracabessa lock-up. 

The first escapee – 22-year-old Linton Bailey of Jacks River, St. Mary, who was in custody for shooting, was recaptured on Thursday, January 4, and additional charges were laid against him. 

The police say the hunt continues for the remaining escapees, they are: 

∙25-year-old Jahmala Vernon of Boscobel, St. Mary, who was charged with robbery 

∙22-year-old Phillip Williams of Belfield, St. Mary, who was charged with shooting with intent. 

∙26-year-old Lashawn Davidson of Jacks River, St. Mary who was charged with shooting 

∙21-year-old Nolando Akenson of pimento walk, St. Ann and Boscobel, St. Mary, who was charged with robbery 

∙and 28-year-old Gaveen Hurd of Stony Hill, St. Andrew and Enfield, St. Mary who was charged with murder.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of  the other escapees is asked to contact the police. 

The police are reminding citizens that it is an offence to harbour a fugitive, and anyone found in breach will receive the full extent of the law.


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