Angry residents of August Town mount protest following police shooting incident

Several residents of African Gardens in August Town, St. Andrew blocked roads in protest over an alleged police shooting, yesterday.

A man was reportedly wounded during an alleged confrontation with the police.

The Independent Commission of Investigations (Indecom) is investigating the matter.

Angry residents took to the streets and blocked roads in the community, today, decrying the incident.

One of the wounded man’s relatives claimed he was shot in his knee and is hospitalized under police guard.

Meantime, Member of Parliament for St. Andrew Eastern Fayval Williams visited the area today.

She told reporters that the area is usually peaceful, therefore, it was important that she visited the community to speak with residents and get an understanding of the incident.

And, People’s National Party councillor candidate for Papine, Darrington Ferguson has expressed concern about the incident.

Meantime, commanding officer for the St. Andrew Central Police senior superintendent Marlon Nesbeth says officers were on duty in August Town, when they came upon a group of persons in the African Gardens area.

He states that the incident occurred about 1:40 p.m. when a man reportedly pointed a firearm at the police.

SSP Nesbeth says the incident should not be linked to politics.

And, Commissioner of Indecom Hugh Faulkner says he visited the community this afternoon, and in addition to Indecom’s probe, emotional support will be rendered.


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